Thursday, 21 November 2013


Welcome to A Blogs Life...

We are the Parkinson family and we live in West Yorkshire, England.
Our little family consists of Mum, Dad and our beautiful 8 year old Daughter.

Mum is a qualified Engineer and spends her working day covered in oil. In her spare time she enjoys blogging and reviewing on her book club - Orchard Book Club, reading, cross stitching & crafting, fashion, movies/TV, dinning out and socialising with friends.

Dad works for a Freight Forwarding company and his working day sees him shipping  cargo around the world for different companies. In his spare time he loves going to the gym, watching football (Barcelona), movies/TV, food, a little reading and sport.

Our Daughter is at school and is the focal point of our lives and time. She really loves school and is a clever little thing. She, like most eight year old girls, is mad about 1 Direction and Justin Bieber, much to the pain of our IPod. She loves animals and out three cats are nurtured like babies. She's really into music and dancing and anything a Monster High related.

As a family we enjoy going off on an adventure, wether this be a nice walk, visiting a new place, going on holiday or just going shopping. Our Parkinson days out are always filled with happiness, excitement and sometimes a little madness!

We could go on for ages telling you what we like and enjoy but if we did then there would be nothing  to blog about! So thank you for visiting A Blogs Life... We hope you enjoy reading.

The Parkinson's