Saturday, 14 December 2013

Book review: Eric Elmoor and the gauntlet of Godric

To help keep our page flowing I thought I'd post a review I did for Orchard Book Club. The book is by Thomas Meyers and it fit's the fantasy genre. The best way for me to describe it is a cross between Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ring's. If you loved either of these books I would definitely recommend giving this one a whirl! Below is my 5★ review :)
What can I say other than WOW! My description of this book…….. Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings. Eric always knew he was different, I mean who has purple eyes? But whenever he brought the subject up with his Mother she either got upset or didn’t want to talk about it, but Eric wants answers! So when family friend, Ben, turns up and offers Eric the answers he so desperately wants, Eric doesn’t hesitate when Ben asks him to join him on a journey that will not only answer all his unanswered question but show him who he truly is.
This is a very well written book and the description of people, objects and locations is fantastic, not once did I struggle to imagine what I was reading.The author kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time i was reading and there were a few twists that I NEVER saw coming, as well as a few OMG’s and *gasps*.
This is only book 1 to Eric’s journey and It has left me needing to know the rest of the story, a good book does that to you! In fact you know you have me hooked when I buy both digital and paper copies (which I have just done) All I ask is PLEASE don’t leave us hanging too long Tommy.