Thursday, 23 January 2014

January sucks...... Until you find your gift cards! *part 1*

Is it me or is January the worst month ever!
It's cold, dark and no one has two pennies to rub together.
So you can imagine our excitement when we stumbled across the stash of gift cards we got for Christmas :)
As a family we enjoy going out to eat, in fact our Daughter would eat out every night given the Chance!
So with our £50 TGI Friday's gift card in our pocket off we went.
Now, we have never been to TGI's *shock horror* so was pleasantly surprised with the choice of food and the pricing, not to mention their fab decor..... I mean who has a wall of Baseball's made into the American flag? Or a traffic light above their head while they eat?!

Chicken Wings
Loaded Potato Skins
Mozzarella Dippers
The Monster
Jack Daniel’s® Burger
Chicken Finger BLT

And what meal is complete without dessert?!

Brownie ObsessionTM
Strawberry Sundae

Mini Monste BurgerMi

And soft drink are FREE REFILLS!!
Now to that fab decore!!
The most colorful bar we have EVER seen..... and with so many bottles!

That fantastic Baseball flag

And THAT traffic light! I personally, was mesmerised with this :)

So for a fun family treat get yourself down to TGI Friday's .
The food is out of this world and the staff are friendly and cater to your every need!

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