Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Viking, All the inspiration your office needs!

  When we were asked to try out some sample stationery we thought why not, as a new blog we have to start somewhere, right?! So you can imagine our surprise when this BOX landed on our doorstep with a thud!

As stated, inside we found, pens, pads, highlighters, neon mini post-it notes, USB stick, rubber bands, paper clips and YUMMY hot chocolate and a big bag of choccies to keep us sweet. All courtesy of Viking Direct.

Now a lot of people use stationery every day at work apart from me, I'm an Engineer so don't use it. BUT i also run another blog, Orchard Book Club . Where things like stationery and such come in handy, you can never find a pen when you need one!

As a book reviewer my kindle is always with me, and a mini pad and pens come in handy when i need to jot something down from the latest book I'm reviewing.

Reviewing on the go!

I packed my bag with the Viking goodies, obviously i had to have one of each pen and i loved the flip note book, will be buying more of those! And a highlighter for the important bits i feel my review needs.

The mini neon post-it notes were a fab addition. I added notes to them so that i could see them at a glance from my blogging diary, I'm lost without this!

Reviewing curled up in a comfy chair.

If I'm reviewing at home i NEED a big pad, there's a lot of scribbling out and changing about to do so these Pukka Pad are a great idea, and lined ***i can't write in a straight line***
Viking seem to sell it ALL, from every day office essentials like, Ink and toner, office furniture, filing and storage. To, rock salt, De-Icer, heaters, tea, coffee and CHOCOLATES and not to mention they have deals galore....and all at very reasonable prices too, i even took the sales sheet that was in the box to work :)

Their website is very easy to navigate and is broken down into sections, you even get a FREE GIFT when you spend over a certain amount as well as FAST FREE DELIVERY with orders over £30!
With 23 years of experience and expertise why not give them a try....... I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thank You to Viking Direct for our goodies, We didn't get a look in once our 8 year old spotted the choccies 😁


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