Friday, 1 August 2014

Yummy Minions!!

Lets all admit it, no one can turn down a Cupcake...... Especially one as yummy looking as these!

Nothing says 'Honey, I'm home' better than a box of Cupcakes, and the other half defiantly scored some brownie points with these cute Minion's. But he can't have all the credit as he didn't make them, it was actually his friend at The Humming Bee Bakery . And she doesn't just make Cupcakes, but we'll get to that shortly.

Not wanting to eat a Minion's face I went for one with the most frosting on *enter sugar coma!*
ohhh - MY - word
 was it to die for! 

It was light, fluffy and with just enough frosting that you could actually taste the cake too.
*no drink needed to wash these cupcakes down*

Now I'm no expert but when your fussy 9 year old and other half are practically licking their plates clean you know you're onto a winner! And after looking at some for Ms Humming Bee's gallery pictures it may well be a cake next!!

*Cupcake Samples*

*Cake Samples*

We really hope you check out The Humming Bee Bakery and sample their delights for yourself....... and trust us when we say you will NOT be disappointed!!

*All thoughts are our own.