Saturday, 10 January 2015

Family tradition....

Its a family tradition in our house, that, once the festive-ness of paper ripping and stuffing your face until you are fit to burst is out of the way, then the only thing left to look forward to is GIANT men lifting, dragging and throwing, what can only be described as stupid sized objects, around for our entertainment! 

YES, I'm talking about WORLDS STRONGEST MAN!

There's nothing better than cheering on your favourite giant, and we as a family have different favourites, which adds to the fun :) 
All in the hope that your giant will walk away with one of these stunning trophies.

BUT why watch it on the TV when you can watch it live...... Yes, we managed to get tickets to see some of these giants when Europe's Strongest Man came to Leeds! 

An 8000 strong crowd greeted these giants, who in my opinion, put on one of the greatest shows ever!
Lets meet the competitors!!!!!

Eddie Hall, Laurance Shahlaei, Graham Hicks, Hafthor Bjornson, Martin Wildauer, Johannes Arjso, Mark Felix, Vytautas Lalas, Krzystof Radzikowski, Mikhail Koklyaev

* Special guests Brain Shaw, Andy Bolton & Benedikt Magnusson *

We even got to sit with Team Iceland....... How F.A.B. are those shirts!!

And Caroline Pearce had to strut her stuff before the action started, much to the pleasure of the male fans ;)

Now before the show starts we have to get the most important business to get out of the way, who will WIN?! And naturally we all had our favourites......

Dads choice : Thor
Mums choice : Radzikowski
Daughters choice : Lalas


First up - Dead lift

Super Yoke

Dumbell Press

Truck Load

Thors Hammer

Atlas Stones

And can you guess who won the stones?!

The 'Mountain' himself Thor!!
Even that sweaty ripped shirt was given away....... the ladies fought over it!

After 6 gruelling stages our winner is.....................

1st Thor
 2nd Arjso
 3rd Hicks

What better way to end the day than with a meet and greet with these gentle 'giants'
Photos, programme & shirt signing and friendly banter :)

On a final note, if 8000 fans turn up to this kind of show just imagine the crowd size for 
 food for thought there people!


*All photos, videos and thoughts are our own.