Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Peter Thomas Roth heaven!

It seems to be a British tradition that when you go on holiday the first photo we take is of the bathroom! Think I'm wrong? Check your snaps :)

 And our latest holiday was no exception.
Welcome to the Hilton Bonnet Creek, Florida !!

Swanky? YES! 

Bathroom? FAB!

But the complementary toiletries O-M-G!

I know its the Hilton but I wasn't expecting Peter Thomas Roth goodies laid out for my pleasure, and a pleasure it was!

I mean just look how pretty it looks AND it was put in our room EVERY day..... that in itself is a treat.

Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner & Body lotion.

I'm not going to lie, I may have spent a tad longer in the shower than necessary when using these products.

The soap was like a lava eruption! It left your skin feeling super smooth and the massaging bumps on the bar made me feel like id had an actual massage *heaven*

The shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever used! In fact, id travel to Florida all over again just to use it, a little extreme you might think but this stuff is awesome. It left my hair soft and silky, and my usual fight to get the comb through it was not necessary which is always an added bonus.

But the body lotion was by far the fact I still have a tube here in the UK (don't tell on me though ;) )

This lotion is unlike ANY other body lotion I have tried......and I have tried a lot!! 
I have quite dry skin but this stuff sorted that straight out.
 Its not greasy like some of the lotions you can guy on the high street. Its not heavy and you don't have to rub it for ages to get it to sink in and it also doesn't leave a shine on your skin, this stuff definitely ticks all the boxes for me.
 I even caught the other half using it but unlike me he was using it to shave with!! I know 
*shock horror* 

He has very sensitive skin and most shaving foam irritates him and because I must have been going on and on and on about this lotion he decided to shave with it, the results, well I had to take to hiding at least one tube of it so he didn't use it all. He must have shaved with that stuff for the remainder of  our holiday 
*BIG thumbs up*

If only all hotels stocked this stuff......fingers crossed our hotel in NYC does!!

Now I'm off to find a UK stockist.... wish me luck!


*Thoughts and pictures (apart from the hotel shot) are all our own

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