Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Us? A very inspiring blogger?!!

Surely this can't be us?! But yes, we have checked the page umpteen times and its true!

As new bloggers this nomination came as a surprise..... a very BIG surprise, so massive thanks goes to Simone over at Married to a Geek.

Its one thing to be nominated but then we panicked as to what to do next! 
After reading the rules, the whole 3 of them it seemed simple enough....

1. After being nominated, write a post and start by mentioning (and linking if you like) the blogger who nominated you for this award - as a little thank you of course.

2. Have a bit of fun and come up with seven facts about yourself - they can be anything at all.

3. Nominate fifteen other bloggers to receive the award and let them know to complete their own post in order to take part.

Two things about these rules worried us...... 
One, find seven facts about us. If you read our blog its not just about one person but a family of four! Let the fighting begin lol

And Two, we don't know 15 blogs to nominate so it will have to be less :/

So on with the facts......

We are a blogging family of four....... Dad, Mum and our 2 daughters (9 & 3 months) We all contribute, Well maybe not the baby lol but its usually me (Mum) that writes the posts.

 We blog just about everything....... holidays and days out, food, clothes, books, films, you name it!

 Our blogs moto is 
'If it can be done as a family we are there!' 
Unless its ex-stream  sports then I'm "washing my hair" that day.

 We love our holidays (many posts to come) whether that be local, a couple of hours down the road or a plane ride. 
Beach..... City..... Cabin in the woods, you name it we love it!

 We also enjoy eating out, in fact we think our 9 year old would prefer to eat out for breakfast, dinner and tea!

 We love to involve our children in every aspect of our life, hence the family blog. It will be VERY rare to see a post that doesn't involve them.

 We seem to be gadget-holics..... kindle, tablet, ipad, laptop....what is the world coming too?!

WOW that was harder than it seemed!

We now nominate the following blogs.....

We read and interact with these fab bloggers on Twitter and we read almost every blog post too :)

To us you are an inspiration!! 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wicked Date Night!

As parents to two girls, date night doesn't come along very often so you can imagine our excitement when we got a WHOLE night off!

And what better way to spend it than popping over to Manchester to watch Wicked the musical.

To make life easier and to save on the walking we stayed at The Palace Hotel  which is literally two minutes walk from the Palace Theatre  itself. 

This stunning building was built in 1890 and still has many of the original features. 
The rooms come as either vintage or modern in style.

Either style of room is light, airy and not to mention HUGE! 
The rooms also come complete with a modern bathroom, Television plus Tea and Coffee making facilities.
Oh, and make sure you have the breakfast, one word, YUM!

So as day turned into night we dusted down the glad rags and hit the theatre for what we was told would be an unforgettable night. The place was packed and the atmosphere was electric and all that came from just the stage curtain and props......I mean just look at it! 

Obviously no pictures of the actual performance were aloud but OMG what a show! 

The cast were beyond amazing, bringing each and every character to life. 
The chemistry between Glinda and Elphaba was fantastic and the way they bounced off of each other was perfect.
There was humour, sorrow and a very colourful twist that ripped a GASP from everyone there! 
The singing was exceptional from everyone, whether that be from the lead roles or the extras.
As for the set, oh my! You could see the amount of work that went into this production and costumes, which were out of this world.
It would defiantly be a show that we would see again and again.

To sum up our date night in one word, it was.......



*All thoughts are our own.