Saturday, 11 April 2015


Well its been out a few weeks now and it took me that long to find a shop that actually had it!


I managed to get a can of the NEW Relentless Mango.

I have been a big fan of these drinks ever since they came out. 
Initially it was the striking design of the can that drew me to try the first flavour they released, it was the Relentless Origin. 

However they have since released loads more wicked flavours, 

Tropical, Cherry, Ice Lemon, Orange 

and my personal favourite Apple and Kiwi.

So as sad as it may seem i got a little giddy when i saw the advert, advertising the new Mango flavour.
 Every time we went shopping i would drag the other half down the drinks isle trying to find a can.......a few shopping trips went by with out success. 
Then one Saturday morning as i dropped my daughter off at dancing i noticed the local corner shop owner carrying a crate of the Mango Flavour into his store. 
I was a man on a mission at that point and he had not even taken the cans out of the wrapper before i was asking for a few.

It was well worth the wait!!

Again the guys and gals at Relentless have come up with an energy drink that tastes great, is really refreshing and revitalising with a real strong mango taste.
Some people enjoy a coffee first thing in a morning, i prefer to have one of these and with so many different flavours available now, you can mix it up each day.

So what's the next flavour going to be? 
I would really like to see a pineapple one or even something like a coffee flavoured one.....
that would be the best of both worlds!

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