Saturday, 15 August 2015

SS15 Blue Hues - MCR Fashion Industry - 2nd August 2015

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the MCR Fashion Industry's SS15 Blue Hues event.

A good friend of mine, Carl from A Blokes Eye View, who is a keen fashion blogger, had received some VIP tickets and a plus one guest ........Carl was kind enough to ask me to be the plus one.

Now I have to admit I have never attended anything like this before and I was a little nervous on what to wear. If you read our last blog you will know that I ended up going for a dapper French Connection Suit with a nice Raspberry coloured shirt and some nice brown Red Tape shoes.

I was happy with how the outfit turned out and felt at home amongst the many guests and fashion guru's that had attended.

The event itself was held at The Restaurant Bar and Grill just off Deansgate in Manchester and Carl and I had the VIP tickets which meant we had access to the pre-party before the show itself.

The event had taken over the whole place and the upstairs outside area was where the main catwalk would be held later in the evening.

* Can I just say the food smelt amazing in this place and I will probably take the family back there for dinner *

As you can image with the event been called Blues Hues the main theme that the guest and the event stuck to was blue. This ranged from the clothes guests had to wear right up to the complementary buns !! (Which were well nice)

The event had a number of key sponsors like Esmie

And Maniere De Voir to name a few

The place was packed out and we met some really nice people. I am even told there was people there from The Voice and Hollyoaks, but I don't watch either of those programs so to be honest i only knew they were there because a lot of the local papers were outside the Bar waiting to get some snaps of not going to lie, when the paparazzi turned up ........for a second or two (ok a few minutes) i felt partially famous.

The main event itself was obviously the Catwalk fashion show and there was a real selection of guys and gals outfits put on show, some were what you would probably wear for a night out and some far more casual. The models did really well, it was really up close and personal and our cameras were blaring in their faces.

Now the VIP passes that we had also meant that we were invited to the after party at the Milton Club, so once the main catwalk show was done we decided to head on over there. It was as we were leaving that we were introduced to @lapetitsalope who was sat down stairs and drawing sketches of the guests.

She had been sat there most of the evening, just drawing and colouring guests as they chose to have their pics done in her unique style.

Now not being shy guys we decided to have our picture done and we took great pleasure in striking a pose and have our sketch done, the result was great and @lapetitsalope was kind enough to post us the original which we got a few days later, all at her own time and expense.

We both think its fantastic and now we have the dilemma of arguing over who keeps the original !!

The Milton Club was 5 minutes walk from the MCR Fashion Industry event and it was a really nice club. Great Music with a lively and friendly atmosphere.

Again The Milton is somewhere i had not been before but would definitely go back for a night out. It was nicely kitted out with a good dance floor area and a big bar. You could even get your own table or private room area if you wanted.

I had a great night overall, in great locations with my friend A Blokes Eye View,  and it was finished off in perfect style with a Donor Kebab from a local takeaway.........perfect.

*All thoughts and photos are our own.

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  1. Lol and a classy way to finish off your night is with a kebab after all you can never be too swanky haha! I loved the drawings of you both she is very talented and it looks like you two had fun.