Saturday, 1 August 2015

Suit Search

The other day I got a great surprise when I received an invite from a fellow blogger, A Blokes Eye View to attend the Manchester Fashion Industry SS15 Blue Hues Event.

 Its the first time I have ever had the chance to go to something like this but I am really looking forward to going.

Only issue, you have to be wearing Smart BLUE clothing.

Now if this had been grey or black it would have been no problem as I have suits already in these colours , but Blue was just one colour I seemed to have nothing really smart in.........(panic sets in!)

What am I going to wear ?!

Now I had already been dropping hints to my better half that i may need a new suit soon for trips abroad with work, so getting this invite just meant i could in theory "kill two birds with one stone" and look for a nice suit that complemented both the Fashion event and could be used for special work occasions & family events.

I had seen a few suits online, but nothing really grabbed me and said "That's the one" so in typical Parkinson fashion we decided to make a day out of the Suit Hunt and head over to Leeds city centre which is littered with shops and places to get a suit.

With an abundance of enthusiasm we went to one store after another after another in hunt for the elusive Blue Suit.

After about 4-5 shops i started to get a little worried, there was nothing i liked, some nice suits but nothing that made you feel like David Gandy when you put it on (The Wife Wishes !!)

Then we remembered that Moss Bros had just opened their new store in Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, so we headed on over to check it out.

 Obviously you come to expect from Moss Bros a large array of suits and this place was like the Toys R Us of the suit world, loads of selection all under one roof.........Great !!

And there were loads of different Blue suits in there. I checked a few out and again nothing really caught my eye......but then.............

I spotted him..............

A tall manikin wearing the best Blue suit i had seen all day, it just looked perfect, exactly what i was looking for.

(Please note this is me and not the manikin!)

So one of the store assistants noticed me drooling and came over.

By this time i had already noted that it was a French Connection Suit , the assistant was really great and measured me all up and then sorted me out with the right jacket size and pants and a really nice shirt that just compliments the whole thing. Id already deliberately worn my Red Tape brown shoes so i could get a real feel for how it would look.

 As soon as i put it on i knew it was the one, the colour is great , the quality is superb and yes it was more expensive than a few i had seen and tried on previously but you can tell the difference.

My other half really liked it too and i always like to have her approval on things like this, so thumbs up all around.

So i cant wait to wear it to the SS15 Manchester Fashion show.

Guys, if you are looking for a new suit or a casual suit jacket , check out the Moss Bros store or online, they have every colour and style you could want and cater for everyone's budget.

*All thoughts and photos are our own.

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