Monday, 14 September 2015

Relax with Kneipp

One of life's comforts for me is having a long hot soak in the bath BUT being a mum of 2 and getting to indulge in that for longer than 5 minutes interruption free, is next to impossible...... if its not the daughter remembering that all important thing that she just HAS to tell me there and then or that someone suddenly needs to use the loo i have given up trying to have that little bit of me time.

That is until these fabulous smelling bath tablets from Kneipp (see here) landed on my doormat...... to say this package smelt wonderful is an understatement, it was like an aromatherapy room was in there!

Now i had never heard of Kneipp until i knew these were coming, so i had a look on their website to see what was in store for me and i have to say they have some amazing products (see here)
Bath Crystal,
And not to mention the lovely looking and probably smelling gift sets.......Fingers crossed Santa brings me one or two of those ;)

So i "booked" some me time.....

 a whole 45 MINUTES of me time..... 

no one and i mean NO ONE was aloud to enter that bathroom until i was done, and i totally made the most of it!!

So with the door firmly closed and the DO NOT DISTURB sign up, the bath tub filling up i had to then decide which tablet was taking the plunge!
I had the choice of Joint & Muscle or Cold Season.

 Seen as i had a bit of a cold i opted for the Cold Season one

So in it went and the fizzing eruption started! 
It frothed up, 

added bubbles 

and turned the water a pretty greenish colour

 AND because i had the door closed it filled the room with a wonderful smelling steam that was like being in a aromatherapy steam room at a spa :) 

This was the best 45 minutes i had had for a while. It left my skin soft and smelling amazing..... it did say on the packet, long sparkling effect, which i didnt really notice when i got out but the long lasting smell more than made up for that.

This product left me feeling relaxed, smelling great and had unblocked my sinuses which was an added bonus :)

I cant wait to "book" my next me time so i can use the other tablet, which i have hidden from the daughter and hubby, ha!

I would highly recommend these products and will be adding them to my or should i say the hubby's basket.....maybe another product or two will fall in too before i get to the checkout!!

Be sure to check out these amazing products from Kneipp and grab yourself some quality smelling me time :)
Stockist -

*Product sent free of charge for an honest review. All thoughts and photos are our own.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


We are back!!

Our family trip to New York was awesome to say the least......In fact in true Brit style we didn't want to leave! 
But as they say, all good things must come to an end. 
At least we get to tell you guys ALL about it and where better place to start than at the beginning!

Now i (Mum) can't take any credit for the following things........ Location, Activities, Sight seeing or even the Hotel...... the Hubby sorted all that out, some would say he got a bit obsessive about it but we will let him off because he picked the best hotel for us!

Welcome to the TRYP Times Square

Hold on Wifey!!......If i sorted all this out i think its only fair that i write the post about the hotel !

Welcome to the TRYP Times Square

Now, when it came to thinking about where to stay in New York i had a few things on my mind. First was location, travelling with two children one of which was 6 month old at the time, it was important that we were in a good location close to the tube and if at all possible close to as many things as we wanted to see as possible. 

New York is huge and i mean HUGE, when you see it on TV and in the movies it just doesn't do it justice to how vast this place is, and as there are so many things to see and do in the City its hard to pin point once central location perfect for everywhere. But let me tell you i think i got as close as you can get when i chose the TRYP Times Square South.

Its location is perfect , its ideally located close to Penn Station, the piers for ferries and water Taxi's (Which we used to go down to South Manhattan) , Times Square is around the corner , Empire State and Macy's are 10 mins away. The list is endless.

Second thing on my mind was that it had to be somewhere that was Family friendly and especially baby friendly. The Staff at the TRYP were fantastic. Before we made the reservation we spoke with them via email and over the phone and they answered all our questions and ensured we would have all we needed to make our stay perfect. They did not let us down !

We booked a family room which came with two really large comfy beds, tea & coffee facilities (hot water for the baby bottles) large bathroom, TV & Air-con. As we had asked in advance they put us in a really quiet part of the hotel and the room was located at the end of the corridor, so it was quiet on a night and also if the baby was crying we were also not disturbing the other guests. 

If i had one complaint and its not even really a complaint is that a mini fridge in the room would have helped us as a family travelling with an infant, but it was not an inconvenience that there wasn't one.

Whenever i have stayed in hotels i always think one of the main things that contributes to your overall stay are the staff, if staff are miserable and not very helpful then it does have an effect to your stay. 

The Staff at the TRYP were fantastic, all really nice, cheerful and had a smile on their face. 

Nothing was a problem. Our eldest daughter has asthma and the air con was not helping her, within 2 mins of asking the hotel engineer had come to the room and ensured the system was turned off so it could not automatically switch on. Its little things like this that go along way to a persons review of a hotel.

The Bathroom was really spacious and the shower was massive so we could easily ensure our daughters got a good wash after spending a day in the Sun and heat of the Big Apple.

The facilities in the hotel were very good too, there was a nice bar and restaurant area where you could get breakfast , snacks and a good meal if you wished.

The reception area was really warm and welcoming and there were plenty of large comfy chairs to sit in if you were waiting for a cab or just having a beer.

The hotel even had a gym , provided free postcards which they posted to whereever you want, a reading area and an area with computers for guests to use and get their social media fix !!

So......was it expensive i hear you asking ? 

Not at all, considering we were in the centre of New York and on the door step of Tims Square it was really reasonably priced. There are cheaper places to stay but you loose out on location and amenities, and there are far more expensive places to stay, but this place was worth every cent.

We got to see so many amazing things in New York, it really is the most fantastic place.

Would we stay at the TRYP Times Square South again ?

Without a doubt !!  ...... it was perfect and i am so glad i spent the time checking out the hotels and deciding on this one , it made our family holiday to NYC perfect.

Thank you TRYP

* Look out for our upcoming posts on some of the amazing things we got up to whilst in the city that never sleeps *

*All thoughts and photos are our own.