Sunday, 4 October 2015

Welcome to Rainbow Cottage

When an email from Ocean Finance (see here) landed in our blog inbox we assumed it was spam until we saw the subject line, Cardboard Dream Homes. Now unless Ocean are now financing cardboard homes, which i think is highly unlikely, then this had to be a competition and one we knew our daughter would love it!

The details of the email were that they wanted to see what the next generation of budding interior designers and architects would create if they could design their dream home. Now, from those details  i had a dolls sized house in my mind SO you can imagine my shock when THIS turned up!!

Within the box was a flat pack house, which was very easy to assemble and a set of step by step instructions. Myself, along with the help of our 10 year old daughter and 10 month old baby, we had this house up in minutes, hats off to Kideco (see here) for that :)

Once it was up the kiddies took over!! 

They played with this plain house for over an hour (even the cat wanted in on the action!) while i talked to myself, or at least that's how it felt at the time....

With the baby napping out came the "plans" for Rainbow Cottage.
 Amy-Lee was very particular with how she wanted to house to look. Fun, bright, girly and it HAD to have the sparkle factor!
With the "plans" drawn up she donned her art t-shirt and got to work crafting her dream home....... Unfortunately me and my paint brush had to just stand and watch :(

She made beautiful stain glass windows for the doors  

and roof windows,

 she made these with tissue paper and our laminating machine (i helped with the laminating)

Out came the mixing pots for the stunning rainbow roof....we may have sung that song a few hundred times as she went.....

 and lets not forget the sparkle! 

This house wouldn't be out of place in the land of OZ!!

And what could be prettier than hand print flowers?! Even her baby sister got in on the act :)

With the outside complete she thought the inside was a little plain so she painted the ceiling sky blue and made a cute little fireplace, prefect for curling up next to it with a good book. 

With all her hard work and about a ton of paint she was very pleased with her finished Dream House.... in fact she wanted to sleep in it tonight!!

So without further ado we give you Rainbow Cottage!! 

A house fit for Dorothy, Toto and Ruby Red Slippers BUT the Parkinson girls were here first!

*Competition entry, house supplied for free. All thoughts and photos are our own.
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