Monday, 23 November 2015

Colours of the Phoenix

Colouring books for Adults!! Yep, its a thing and i totally love it!!!!

The wonderful people over at Phoenix Yard Books (see here) sent us an awesome package of not one or two BUT three of their adult colouring books a little while ago. 

All three were of different sizes, from travel sized - perfect for our holiday, a medium one and a LARGE one (which i claimed)

As a child i used to love getting my colouring books and pens out, BUT the only problem back then (WOW i sound really old now!) the pages were made out of paper that, if you used felt-tips the colour soaked through, and Dad, I'm sorry, but the whole "If you don't press too hard on the paper it won't soak through the page" line you gave me 

every..... single..... time....

 is a load of rubbish!
You can guarantee that the best colouring pictures were back to back in the book, so you had to pick your favourite out of the two or use your wax crayons or pencils, and lets face it they never lived up to the greatness of felt-tips, did they?!


Fear no more colouring book addicts because with the Phoenix books you don't have to pick your favourite pictures because these books are made of paper, and i mean real paper! 
Nice, thick, crisp white paper that you can use those felt-tip pens on *yeah!*

From swirls to flowers to nature to patterns, the list is endless of what is packed into these books! 
Some have super fine detail, so fine tipped pens are best for these designs.

 Others are more bold in design but definitely don't lack in detail. 

We packed our books into our suitcase for our 3 weeks holiday in America and those books were never away! 
They were perfect for those lazy afternoons by the pool or on the balcony while the kids (and Hubby) played below. 

Even in the car, though i do recommend the bigger print pictures for that as my 10 year old told me off for 'Going out the lines!'

When the kids were in bed and we just wanted to relax and unwind these books were out again, even the Hubby, who has that attention span of a nat had a colour.

These really are the prettiest adult colouring books i have seen and everyone seems to love them!!

I've seen adults both young and old with these types of books in their shopping baskets or trolleys, either buying for themselves or as gifts for family and friends, we just can't seem to get enough  of them!!

So, we have decided to have a little giveaway with our books that Phoenix have kindly sent our way! 
How would you like to get your hands on 
The Second One and Only Mandala Colouring Book?

We will of course send a pack of Felt-Tips to get you on your way :)

Entering is simple, follow the steps in the box below, remember to come back daily to up your chances! 
Giveaway will run for 1 week.
Winner will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to follow one or both :)

*Books sent for free. All thoughts and photos are our own. Giveaway run by A Blogs Life.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Us! A Foodies Festival VIP

Yep, You read that right!!
And we are just as shocked as you!

A few moths ago we had the great privilege of attending the Foodies Festival (here), Harrogate as VIP's thanks to Simone over at Married to a Geek (here)

This was our first EVER blogging event and as VIP's 


Having never been to such an event i was worried if the kiddies would be bored, where would i feed the baby, if it rained would the pram get stuck..... the list is endless BUT to my amazement everything and i mean everything was catered for. 

Off we went, 2 adults, 2 kids and a baby for a day filled with sunshine, food, laughter and a fabulous VIP tent that was perfect for all those much needed stops, and there were a lot of those stops.

We were treated to a very VIP start with this wonderful Champagne  from The Champagne Cave, and with Simone being with child i got to have 2!!

With the kiddies juiced up and biscuits in hand it was time to leave the comfort of our tent and see what delights awaited us.

The different foodie vans were amazing,

 I especially liked the pizza van with their woodfired pizzas that looked and smelled amazing!

We spotted a gathering round one of the stalls so headed in that direction. While the kids grabbed the Northumberland Sausage Company's tasty samples i had to grab a sneaky picture of the staffs cheeky hash tag t-shirts.

With the kids distracted with the food, i spotted the yummiest *is that even a word?!* chocolate you ever did see or taste for that matter! 

Introduce your taste buds to Stateside Treat Emporium (here)
Their Popcorn Lolly was out of this world! In fact i was a little bit sad when it was all gone, and NO I didnt even share it *I have no shame in admitting this*

They do some pretty out there flavours too, from the normal Cookies & Creme and Smoores to the more adventurous Icecream Float and Maple Bacon Pancakes flavour (More wild, wacky and totally droolsome flavours can be found on their website on the link above) 

After a few more stalls and a few purchases our bellies were calling so the food hunt began and where better to end up than a place where you can watch your food being flame BBQ'd - Flamin' Rooster (here)

This place has your mouth watering just walking past, always a good sign in my book! 

So lunch was ordered and what came was a Flamed Chicken Wrap and the BEST Flamed BBQ Pork i have ever eaten.....and i mean EVER!!!

And where better to eat this succulent food? The VIP tent of course. Off we popped for a well earned rest and food stop.

With our bellies full and the kids "Im bored" faces, we hit the other half of the stalls. 

Next stop and the prettiest stall i ever did see, Kacao (here). This sweet little stall screamed vintage and 'buy me' all over. 

From its cute Chocolate Button Jars to its bags of beautifully dusted Truffles and lets not forget their ribbon wrapped bars of chocolate, this handmade chocolate stall was like heaven!

With our purchase made we slowly and very reluctantly moved on, 
past the BIG Red Bus posing as a Bar, past the Cider House and even past the fab Gin and Tonic hampers...... kiddies and pregnant bellies do that to you lol 

but we made up for it at the next stall..... 

....BROWNIES and lots of them. 

Tarte and Berry (here) make, without doubt, the best brownies ever. Two sister, who luckily for us haven't killed one another, have come together to make, bake and create the best and very more-ish brownies i have ever eaten... their Salted Caramel Brownies are the most insanely, gooiest brownies in the world, don't believe me? Try them for yourself!

With the day drawing to an end, tired kiddies and enough bags to open our own stall we called it a day. Our first blog event experience was fantastic. We got to try some great food and i think the kiddies even enjoyed their day out too :) 

But that's not all this post is all about, oh no, Foodies Festival are at it again but with a Christmas Theme!!

On December 11th - 13th they will be at Harrogate's International Centre.
With Top Chefs, this year's Bake Off winner Nadiya and Retro Recipes in the Chefs Theatre; an Artisan Christmas Market with Vegan and gluten Free options; Champagne Ski Bar and a Yorkshire Gin Theatre are just some of the festive features food-lovers can look forward to as Foodies Festival Christmas transforms Harrogate.

You can see all the details over on their Facebook page -

Advance tickets are available from £9.50
Friday adult day ticket £10.00 (£8.00 concession)
Saturday or Sunday adult day ticket £13.00 (£11.00 concession)
3-day adult ticket £20.00 (£16.00 concession)
Friday VIP ticket £35.00
Saturday or Sunday VIP £38.00
(Children under 12 years go free when accompanied by an adult)

For more information visit or email

Those lovely Foodies Festival people have given Married to a Geek not one but two pairs of tickets to give away to you lovely lot.

You can pop along, on a day of your choice, and enjoy a festive food filled day - absolutely free.

All you have to do is simply click the picture below to be taken to Simone's blog and enter via the Rafflecopter link, It couldn't be simpler!

Married To A Geek

Massive thanks to Simone for the plus 1 and to Foodies for having us!!

*All thoughts and photos are our own.