Saturday, 31 December 2016

Have a Purrfect Christmas

No home is complete without an animal, whether that be a Cat, Dog, Fish, Bird, Hamster etc
For us its a Cat ...... or two in our case.
And no Christmas is complete without a few cat gifts, yep im that kind of cat owner,
wrapped waiting under the tree for Christmas morning ready for Benny and Charlie to open.

So if you love to spoil your purrfect kitty then let me introduce you to Purrfect Box
A subscription box designed for your cat. Create a Cat profile including your cats size, breed, likes and dislikes, choose your plan - 1 month, 3 months, 6 & 12 months then leave the rest up to 
purrfect box!

Now what is your kitty going to receive? Well we got the Christmas themed box and it was jam packed

We had treats, toys, food, grow your own grass, a very cosy fleece blanket and cat nip!!

As you can see Charlie enjoyed opening his cat nip filled stocking

And he loves his gingerbread man toy very very much.....

The toys have kept both cats entertained for ages and they loved their kitty selection box ( Salmon, turkey, Cheese and Yoghurt treats) our older cat claimed the blanket but refused to have his photo taken but Charlie loves to pose!!

So treat your kitty in 2017 there are some great stuff for them and with every box being different you'll be surprised with every box!!

And so the Dogs aren't left out there's also a Pawsome Box available!

*Box sent as a PR sample. All thoughts and photos are 100% our own.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Festive drinking with

Hey guys and gals, this is Steve from A Blogs Life.

Not sure about everyone else but especially around the festive period i enjoy the odd drink.

So we were delighted when we were contacted by the great people of to sample one of their box of brews.

These weird and wonderful named Ales's, IPA's and Brews all came in their festive range.

So before Santa got his hands on them on Christmas Eve i thought it best i give them a try and share my thoughts on these, check out my opinion below on these and after you're finished reading there is a special promo code for you to use at and grab yourself a great discount.

Now before i start i just want to say these are my opinions, based upon my likes and my taste thing i will say though, the range is so good that there is something for everyone.

So we start off with the Littlebro Session IPA

This little bad boy packs a mighty punch and when you first open this can it seriously sounds like a gun went off, it has some real life to it. Its gold in colour and is a real nice tasty IPA and at 4.7%. Originating from Norway (you note the little Norwegian flag on the can) it was a really nice drink. This would probably go nice with a good steak !!

Next one to go down the hatch was; 

Santas Private Reserve Ale, by Rogue Ales 

This brew is very dark as you can tell from the picture. It was quiet a strong taste, so if you like the darker maltier ales, you will like this one, this was not one of my favourites but as i said its each to their own, it was nice to try though and certainly fits the festive brew spirit.

At this point i know what your thinking........jees did Steve drink these all one after the other ?

The answer is or two over a week period so that i could make sure i got a good sense of taste on each. Not only that i would have been wrecked by the time i got to bottle 8 !!

Next to tickle my taste buds was the well named;

Fuck Art - The Heathens are coming

And they mean what they say, this bottle is pretty much art work less, quite unique.

The bottle boast to be afraid, be very afraid, this puppy is twisting !

And they are right, this is a lively drink with the same colouring as a lager , so a lighter Ale/brew. The malt and hops is evident in my opinion and this gives off a strong but pleasant after taste. I couldn't see a Vol strength on the bottle but i don't think you would need many of these to get you in the party mood !

Following on from this one i went for the;

Beer52 , Mikkeller Session IPA

After a night drinking together in Copenhagen the founder of Beer52 & Mikkeller decided to brew a beer and this is the result. 

Now reading the back of the bottle and the above statement i had a feeling i would like this one. I spend quiet alot of time in Copenhagen going there 4-5 times a year and have sampled many of the Christmas beers and brews there.

This one didn't disappoint. 

I got a fruity smell upon pouring this IPA and it gives a strong malty aftertaste but not too strong that it makes you shudder as some can do. Its light in colour and a light drink compared to some of the dark options, so i could see myself having one or two of these. 

Next one to try was the;

Brewdog Santa Paws Christmas Scotch Ale

This was the darkest of the selection, in fact it was as dark as the bottle.
This was a really unique Ale and i found this quiet heavy to drink, anyone who likes the really dark ales will love this, its 4.5% so quite strong too.

Next we have the;

Mordue Brewery, Krampus

Firstly i loved the artwork on this bottle, it looks mean as hell !!

I really enjoyed this one and as you can see was a dark brew and had a malty dry taste to it, however the more i drank of this one the more i got the taste for it. Again i could see myself happily having a few of these. Great drink and at 5.5% a few would probably be all id need.

The penultimate selection was the allusively named;

Flower Power Hippy Dippy All things Pretty American Amber

This was a lighter coloured brew and quite a unique taste, which gave off a strong after taste to me of hops and also not a fruity taste , but flowery if that makes sense. This has a really different taste and i can imagine some loving or hating this.

So i am going to finish off with the one i liked the best; 

Wiper and True , Mimosa 

This is such a unique tasting brew, its tart something i love but has a fruity orange taste within it.
Very light to drink and not gassy at all. They seem to have taken a lot of great ideas and poured them into one drink. Not sure what they have done different with this one, but will defiantly get more of this, superb drink,

If you like the look of our Festive Box of Brew sent from , check on their webpage (link at top of page) and see what other great Beers and Ales etc they have, with many different themes there really is something for everyone's taste.

If you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain with we have teamed up with them and by using promo code: ABLOGSLIFE10 at the checkout, you will get yourself a nice £10.00 off your order.

Hope you enjoy these as much as i did.

Many thanks to 

*Product sent to test our taste buds. All thoughts and photos are our own.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Family Night In With The Entertainer Toy Shop.

It's a tradition in our house that Saturday nights are family nights, whether it being a trip to the 
movies, eating out, home movie night or games night, as long as its done as a family.

So when The Entertainer Toy Shop (see here) said they would send us the 'Perfect Night In' bundle we jumped at the chance!
Expecting some kind of game to arrive i was shocked when this MASSIVE brown box landed on our doorstep.... I mean just look at the size of it!!

I waited for the daughter to come home from school so she could open the box and see what was inside and the contents, well, there was a ton of stuff! 

~ Pie Face Showdown ~
~ A goodie bag with sweets & popcorn ~
~ A ferris wheel to hold all our goodies ~
~ 2 GIANT chocolate medals ~

With the popcorn popped, the ferris wheel set up and the game ready to go it was a fight as to who went first.
Now the showdown game is a little different to the original Pie Face game. 
This version is a battle of who can whack their button the fastest and flip the pie in their opponents face.

So round 1 *ding ding*
Dad Vs Daughter

Round 2
Mum Vs Daughter

Round 3
Mum Vs Dad

This game caused a multitude of laughs, we found that more whipped cream on the launch hand hit you better in the face. We noticed that the board did slide about on the table a little, some of those little black rubber feet would have benefited but it did add to the fun and I'm pretty sure Dad tended to slide the board when he was starting to loose! 
And like every parent we let our daughter 'win' here she is celebrating with that yummy chocolate medal...... i may have hidden the other one!


A brilliant fun family game absolutely perfect for our family night, and you know it'll be coming out for our family Christmas nights (pretty sure the daughter wouldn't mind pie facing Grandma and Grandad so id make those gifts this year extra good!) And obviously once the little sister saw the game set up the next morning she had to 'have a go!' and no, we didn't pie face her before you ask!


Be sure to check out The Entertainer Toy Shops website, it has some amazing offers on at the minute

~ Stocking fillers for £10 and under ~

~ Black Friday Early Deals (up to 60% off) ~

~ Mix and Match ~

Plus many more amazing offers.....perfect for those Christmas buys!

Playdays and Runways

*PR sample from The Entertainer Toy Shop. All thoughts and photos are 100% our own.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Learning through Play with KidloLand

As a child i was always told that too much TV would turn my eyes square *yeah right* and i must admit that's what i tell my two girls nowadays. But in the world of gadgets if its not the TV they're glued to its a computer console or some sort of electronic device.

Now I'm  not a total scrooge

We actually own all of the above but i sometimes think that the time spent playing these games could be used to learn while they play, and with that let me introduce you to

Image result for kidloland

A learning app designed for children 5 years and under. 
Now my child is almost 2 so i thought she wouldn't be interested in this app one bit...


The app has 16 sections 

Nursery Rhymes,
ABC songs,
Create & Play Occupations,
Wheels On The Bus,
Weather & Seasons,
Old MacDonald Songs,
Animal Kingdom,
Fruits & Vegetables,
Row Your Boat,
Numbers 1-100,
Colours & Shapes,
Months & Days,
Christmas Songs

Then each section has its own set of games.
As you can see from the list this app is massive!

After showing my little one how the app worked she seemed to grasp the concept rather quickly. She figured out how to choose her game or activity, how to start and exit the game, It amazes me how quickly they pick these things up!

Now my little one is more of a 'doing' child than a sit and listening to a song child so her favourite sections have definitely been the Games and Activities parts to the app. 

She now knows how to sort colours, recognise and put shapes into shadows and put jigsaws together. 
We are working on the dots to dots and the trace the shapes (she finds the trace game more difficult as its rather sensitive on how far off the line you can go)
 She loves the balloon popping game! The first time she played the monster balloon pop she said "ouch" every time the monster 'ate' her finger lol

Now when it comes to the Phonics section some of the sounds are said differently, I'm assuming this is with it being a U.S app. Its only a handful of letters and we have just skipped those when playing that section.

Even my eldest daughter likes the odd go or 10! She likes to help out when the little one gets stuck or even if she fancies a quick go herself (when she thinks no one is looking)

I have to say i think this app is a brilliant idea! Learning through play has always been a big thing in our house and i love the fact that my little one is now asking to play this app instead of just wanting to sit a watch her favourite cartoons.

 Its bright, colourful and extremely easy to use with a handy set up that lets you download everything all at once or just the sections you want, it also works while out and about, perfect for those long flights or car journeys 
 AND its also won some amazing awards!!


brain-child     award-smart  eas  award-smart

But don't just take my word for it, download the app and try it for yourself....i know your kids will love it just as much as mine do!!

The KidloLand app is available on the following platforms....


Google Play Store

Amazon Appstore

To find out more about KidloLand please visit their social pages result for website logo

Playdays and Runways
*App sent for review. All thoughts,photos and videos are our own.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Nic & Normans Restaurant - Senoia , GA

Every now and then you get to visit a place where you just can't quite believe you are there. 

This was the case for me recently when i was in Atlanta USA for work. 

Now if you're a Walking Dead fan like me and the Mrs, then this might be the part where you get jealous.

After a busy day working, my colleague and i decided to go to Senoia. If you're not too familiar with this area this is where a lot of the Walking dead is filmed, and the small town of Woodbury, used in season 3 is actually Senoia ( You may remember that's where the Governor was from ) 

That's right it's actually a real town !

Now as you can well imagine, at this point as a fan of the show i am already in "Fan Girl" mode and messaging my wife and friends.

When i think i could not get more excited, my colleague, Bobby, says to me 
"Steve, we are going to Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Greg Nicotero's restaurant for dinner" (One of the producers from Walking dead) "

At this point i just pause in complete silence , my brain trying to process what it believes my ears have just heard.

"What are you talking about Bobby?" i say to him.

"Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero have opened a restaurant here and we are going "

Now at that exact point i stop messaging the wife , because i know damn well that if i tell her i am about to go into Daryl's restaurant she is going to divorce me quicker than Rick Grimes takes care of the walkers !

As we walked down the street and i recognise so much of the town from the show i still can't quite believe that we are about to go there.

But low and behold there is a restaurant called Nic & Normans.

Inside the restaurant is really nice and we were welcomed by one of the waitresses and shown straight to a table.

Now the one thing i want to say about Nic & Normans before i go any further is the price. I expected this to be quite expensive , but it was far from it and  was very reasonably priced , my main meal for example was only $13.00

There was a large selection of drinks on offer and i went for a Blonde Samuel Adams Ale with a slice of orange in.

For starters i ordered the Philly Cheese Steak Fries.......there was enough to feed a family of four , a huge portion !!

The Menu has a great selection of Salads, Burgers, Steaks, Chicken and Fish, just to name a few.

As a Brit who rarely gets the chance to have it , i went for the Bison Burger which came with a side,  i went for the Roasted Red Potatoes.

This picture probably does not do the size of this burger justice, it was perfectly cooked and the food was pipping hot, absolutely delicious.

As i devoured my burger and with the juices dripping down my chin, i paused for second and not only thought how lucky i was to be sat in here in Senoia ( A guy from West Yorkshire, England) but also that this burger was so nice i was consuming it similar to that of a walker consuming one of its victims.........napkin please !

Now rumour has it that if you are really lucky, Norman Reedus has surprised people and randomly dropped by. 

I was not so lucky, which in some ways is a good thing , because if my wife wasn't already close to divorcing me because i am literally on the set of Walking Dead and i am eating in the restaurant that her favourite actor from the show owns, then if Norman had made an appearance i expect i may have been in trouble.

The service in the restaurant was great and the staff were very helpful and clearly happy to be working there.

I only wish i had been in Senoia longer so i could have visited more than once and tried out other things from the menu.

If you ever find yourself anywhere near Senoia GA USA, please take the time to visit Nic & Normans , whether you are a fan of The Walking Dead or not this place is a fantastic place to dine and at such a great price its not to be missed.

I would like to thank the staff off Nic & Normans for their hospitality and for not being too freaked out by an English man acting like a child in a sweet shop.

*All thoughts and photos are our own.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A fun afternoon with Online Golf

Our first blogging event had me a bit apprehensive, why?


1. Me, myself and I had to drive down the motorway!! Not a biggie for some but MASSIVE for me!
2. This was our first ever blogging event so i wasn't sure what to expect.
And 3, i know absolutely NOTHING about golf!

So imagine my surprise at getting myself and 2 kids to Leeds in one piece. We arrived (a few minutes late might i add) for Online Golf (here) #OGgetkidsintogolf event.

OnlineGolf Logo

I was expecting tartan pants and those jumpers without the sleeves but what greeted us was a very smartly set up room with mini golfing games that i knew my kids would love!

My eldest daughter, Amy-Lee, couldn't wait to have a go of the games but i knew once it all started, that my youngest, Lily-May who isn't even 2 would want a go.....SO you can imagine my surprise when one of the team actually took the time to show her what to do and hit the ball. 
I have to give him HUGE credit.
 He took the time to talk to her, as he did with all the other children, about what type of club she had, how to position her feet and everything, bearing in mind that she isn't even 2 and she probably didn't understand a word he was saying to her. He was patient with her the whole time and we were all very shocked at just how close she was to a hole in one!!

So off the group went around the 4 hole course, giggles and laughter a plenty with a hole in one for a few of the kids, they all seemed to really like it. 
The next game was a 10 pin bowling set up. Knock the pins down, if at all possible to score the highest score, easier said than done but very fun!

Next and my favourite..... hit your ball and aim for the rings to earn your points, speed and accuracy was a must in this game. Hit it too hard and your ball came back, hit it too gently and your ball didn't get very far. I think this was the one game where the kids needed more than one go or they just loved it as much as i did!

The final game was like a chip and put game. 4 baskets with a score for each were mounted on a wall and the aim, get your golf ball into the basket....YEP totally harder than it sounds! Until a pro shows you how....think he got all his in!!

After working up an appetite it was time for lunch. A lovely spread of sandwiches, chips, fruit and drinks (much more than i expected!)

With the kids and adults fed and watered it was time for a couple of competitions
An adults game of chip and put
and the kids was the score hoop game........and to add to the tension we had 2 kids with tied scores so we had an extra game to find a winner..........and the winner was......
AMY-LEE from A Blogs Life!!!!

Yep, my child who has only played mini golf in her whole life won herself a set of Wilson golf clubs and caddy courtesy of Online Golf :D

If you kids are thinking of taking up Golfing here are some helpful tips from our experts from the day....


Watching The Open, Ryder Cup and The Masters on TV as a sports-mad boy, I loved the excitement of the final round and watching players like Ballesteros who was always so exciting to watch.

I didn’t play golf until I was much older, but the challenge, thrill and excitement of slowly getting better as I played more and more was really addictive!

It’s really challenging but great fun, and a great social activity if you play with a group of friends.


I first started playing golf around the age of 13, I wish I had started playing earlier but I was already playing for a junior football team during the winter and then cricket during the summer. I think I first became interested in golf after watching The Masters Tournament on TV like many people. I began honing my skills in the garden in the months after, not in a conventional way mind you. I practised using an old badminton racket and a table tennis ball. I bought books and magazines and read about the game and pestered my Mum about wanting golf clubs.

My pestering must have worked because I received a couple of irons for my birthday. In those days you could buy individual irons and build up to a full set. My first clubs were Wilson Staff Sam Snead Blue Ridge irons. Looking back, they were tiny heads compared to the starter sets/clubs we sell today. I can still vividly recall the first time I ventured up to my local 9-hole golf course to hit shots on the practice ground. After a few swings with my 9 iron I managed to get the ball airborne....and I was hooked. Golf has now been part of my life ever since, playing with friends, in societies in my local pub and with colleagues since I started working in the industry. I don't play all the time, just a few times a month if I can.

Golf is one of the hardest games invented, it teaches you many life lessons. It teaches your patience, perseverance, honesty, integrity and how in life you have to take the rough with the smooth. Seldom do you reach perfection on the golf course, and if you do you have to start all over again the next day as no round is ever the same. It's a game that can be played by the young and old and the handicap system gives you a chance against better players. No other sport does.

Unfortunately, I don't have any children of my own but here's how I'd introduce them to the game.

I'd sit down with them and watch The Masters/tournament with them, talking about the game throughout

If they show an interest, I'd buy them a set of junior clubs and take them up the range to hit some balls with me at weekends.

If they caught the golf bug I'd pay for lessons with a well-respected PGA Professional.

I would ensure they practiced as often as possible, making sure they pay attention to putting and chipping as well as developing their swing on the range.

As their game developed I'd ensure that they had the correct clubs for their game. Ensuring the clubs are fitted to them. Golf is hard enough, using the wrong equipment only makes it harder.

Golf is a fantastic game, a great leveller, gets you out in the fresh air whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings. It enables you to build wider social circles which helps in both business and pleasure in future life.


Golf is enjoyable for me, because it promotes concentration, precision and competition against yourself to bring the best out of you.
The environment is also great because you’re surrounded by nature and depending on the season and time of the day you decide to go and play, the landscape changes and you can contemplate the nature around you. It is a reflective sport in this aspect.

I think it helps kid focus, be more precise and learn to canalise their energy toward one specific goal/target.


What I liked about golf when I first started playing

       I liked seeing the players and had my favourites along with their Brands. I still love Wilson as Nick Faldo used them when I was young
       There were interesting televised Pro/Am things to watch
       I loved all the different equipment in the Pro shops and Driving Ranges

Why golf is an enjoyable sport for me

       Ability to play with my Dad and Brother
       Could practice on my own so didn’t rely on others
       I could see my own improvement

Why I think golf is a great sport for kids

       Great at teaching social skills as you interact with all types of people
       It’s active
       It takes a good amount of time so keeps them busy!

All in all we had a fun afternoon with Online Golf (as well as Amy-Lee gatecrashing Carl from A Blokes Eye View interview *laughs * its ok we know him!) 

as well as us winning the fab Golf Club set and a super goodie bag with golfing treats inside, thank you for having us!!

*All thoughts and photos are our own.