Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fun and Laughter at Lightwater Valley

Any parent planning a day out knows how hard it is to get 2 kids up, washed, dressed and out the door on time, right?! 
So, imagine our surprise when said kids are ready, with matching shoes and a coat 10 minutes before leaving time!! 
Whats our secret i hear you yell? Turns out a fun day out at Lightwater Valley (see here) deserves the extra effort.......who knew?!!

Now the last time i visited this theme park was, well, lets just say its changed a fair bit since then! 
The first thing to greet us was a very awesome looking Dinosaur themed 18 hole Mini Golf course, not technically in the theme park so there's an extra charge to play but totally worth it and not as much as you'd expect. Definitely a good way to get your adrenaline going for all those white knuckle rides that await you just beyond the gates :D

As we went through the little market square our youngest visitor (18 months old) spotted what i can only describe as one of the best parks i have ever seen! A giant Angry Birds themed one to be precise, and given her the option this is where we would have spent the WHOLE day. 

To say she was only young she manged to climb up on everything, think the hubby had the odd heart attack or two along the way but all the kids seemed to love it, young and old!

Next up on the list was the Swing ride (i slowly turn green writing about this ride) but our eldest daughter and her friend absolutely loved it and may have gone on this ride not once or twice but THREE times in a row!! *oh to be young again!*

As the daughter and friends queued up for The Eagles Claw i took the minis on the Eagles Creek Farm, which coming from an adult was great! The little ones thought they were actually driving the tractor around the farm, the look on their faces when we got to the the animals was priceless!!

Thankfully i didn't have to stand and watch as the eldest flew around on what was, in her words 'The most epic of rides!'

To settle those tummies before lunch another run around the Angry Birds playground was a must....

....before we headed over to The Granary which had a lovely selection of food for all appetites. 

 Homemade Soup to Baked Potatoes 

Fish and Chips to Steak and Ale pie

Freshly prepared Crisps to Seasonal Salads

There's something for everyone, and if you visit on a Sunday you can even get yourself a Sunday Lunch which has to be finished off with one of their scrummy homemade cakes or desserts!!

After our tummies were full we had a little venture around the little shopping area, bought a couple of treats to remind us of our day before heading back to the rides.

The little on spotted Noah's Ark, which resulted in us joining the queue a fair few times :D 

While the older ones had a few go's at winning themselves a prize on a few of the game stalls. Once their pockets were empty and with prizes in hand we headed on over to the petting Zoo where they got to feed, hold and stroke many different animals. From there we hopped over the bridge to the Falconry Centre where they house 35 amazing raptors including Owls, Falcons, Eagles and Hawks (the hubbys favourite part of the day)

They also house Snakes, Rabbits and their super cute Ferret Family!
All our kids enjoyed having their photo taken with this stunning Owl.

With the day coming to a close the begging of 'Just one more turn' we headed to the Swing ride again and with the look out of heading home after a wonderful day of giggles, laughter and some stomach turning rides!

Our day at Lightwater Valley was brilliant! Everyone enjoyed themselves and we had a pretty mixed age range in our group, from 18 months old to 30something, there was something for everyone and not once did we get the 'Im bored!' 

So if you need something to do with or without the kids (don't tell them i said that!) then get yourself to Lightwater Valley!!
They have some amazing offers going on in the holidays,

Summer Passes, valid from July 25th - September 5th (see here)

Andy's Dino Rep, a 20 minute live stage show (see here)

And their Fabulous Fireworks Display on the 22nd & 23rd October (see here)

And if your child happens to go to a Bradford (West Yorkshire) district school check those book bags!!! Our eldest came home with a Yorkshires Magnificent Attractions discount book that has an offer for Lightwater Valley. 

We will definitely be heading back to Lighwater Valley at some point this year and we hope to see you all there too!!

Playdays and Runways

*Park tickets given for free, All thoughts and photos are our own.


  1. It's a long time since I've been to Lightwater Valley too, and we're not even that far away! I really must take my kids here this year, it looks amazing! #PlaydaysandRunways

    1. It really was a fun day out! We are planning to go back later this year :) been told by the daughter that we HAVE to play Dino golf this time 😂

  2. Oh we have never even heard of Lightwater valley but it looks great for my two boys. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope to plan a day out here in Summer. #PlaydaysandRunways

    1. I do hope you'll visit Michelle! There really is something for everyone 😄