Sunday, 7 August 2016

Our Stay at Watkins Glen Harbour Hotel

Every now and again you stumble across a place that just leaves you flabbergasted. This was the situation when we stayed at the Watkins Glen Harbour Hotel at the start of June.

It is quite simply one of the nicest, most scenic hotels we have ever stayed at.......but how did we end up staying there i hear you ask ? 

Well as our regular readers will know we visited the USA and Canada in May & June of this year, with us driving from the South of New Jersey to as far North as Toronto.

Its a long drive with young children and we therefore wanted to spend a day and night somewhere to break the journey up. I had spent quite a lot of time looking at the routes i was going to take to drive up to Canada and that's when i came across Watkins Glen.

So where is Watkins Glen ? 

So once i had established that this was the town we were going to stay at, it was time to find some accommodation and this took me no time at all. As soon as i saw the image of the Watkins Glen Harbour Hotel there was no other choice.

The hotel is located right at the edge of Lake Seneca and over looks a lovely harbour area where there is boat tours of the lake and a number of walk ways for you to take a leisurely walk.

Now the Hotel itself is out of this world.

Not only does it have these views to boast about but it is spotlessly clean and of a very high standard. The front of the hotel has a nice size car park and a welcoming reception area.

The rear of the property has a lovely patio area where you can sit out and enjoy a drink or a meal from the hotel restaurant.

Upon arriving we received a warm welcome from the staff and the check in was done within minutes.

We had selected to stay in a family room with balcony view and paid a small premium to ensure that we had the lake view, which was sooooo worth it !

The rooms were gorgeous and boasted a large entrance area, a huge bathroom with an amazing walk in shower, two queen beds, flat screen TV, fridge, air con name it , this place had it.

The room was very spacious and light and the beds really comfy.

A great range of bathroom products was also provided at no extra charge.

What stood out for me though was how they had instantly catered for our youngest daughter. Without request or prompt there was a separate cot (crib) made up with baby pillow and looked brand new , we were already really impressed but this really did put the icing on the cake for me and the Mrs. 

Small little gestures throughout our stay made you feel even more welcome, from the voice mail to our room once again welcoming us to the welcome card and chocolate left on our pillows.

We were actually taken back by how nice the Watkins Glen Harbour Hotel was, and i have to say i wish we had been able to spend more time there than we did. The kids loved it, the wife loved it and i loved it and when your family is all happy it makes for a excellent Holiday (Vacation)

I would recommend this hotel 100% to anyone who finds themselves in the area and we will for sure return there should our travels take us back to that area of the USA.

And just to prove the beds were comfy ..............

*All thoughts and photos are our own.

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