Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Family Night In With The Entertainer Toy Shop.

It's a tradition in our house that Saturday nights are family nights, whether it being a trip to the 
movies, eating out, home movie night or games night, as long as its done as a family.

So when The Entertainer Toy Shop (see here) said they would send us the 'Perfect Night In' bundle we jumped at the chance!
Expecting some kind of game to arrive i was shocked when this MASSIVE brown box landed on our doorstep.... I mean just look at the size of it!!

I waited for the daughter to come home from school so she could open the box and see what was inside and the contents, well, there was a ton of stuff! 

~ Pie Face Showdown ~
~ A goodie bag with sweets & popcorn ~
~ A ferris wheel to hold all our goodies ~
~ 2 GIANT chocolate medals ~

With the popcorn popped, the ferris wheel set up and the game ready to go it was a fight as to who went first.
Now the showdown game is a little different to the original Pie Face game. 
This version is a battle of who can whack their button the fastest and flip the pie in their opponents face.

So round 1 *ding ding*
Dad Vs Daughter

Round 2
Mum Vs Daughter

Round 3
Mum Vs Dad

This game caused a multitude of laughs, we found that more whipped cream on the launch hand hit you better in the face. We noticed that the board did slide about on the table a little, some of those little black rubber feet would have benefited but it did add to the fun and I'm pretty sure Dad tended to slide the board when he was starting to loose! 
And like every parent we let our daughter 'win' here she is celebrating with that yummy chocolate medal...... i may have hidden the other one!


A brilliant fun family game absolutely perfect for our family night, and you know it'll be coming out for our family Christmas nights (pretty sure the daughter wouldn't mind pie facing Grandma and Grandad so id make those gifts this year extra good!) And obviously once the little sister saw the game set up the next morning she had to 'have a go!' and no, we didn't pie face her before you ask!


Be sure to check out The Entertainer Toy Shops website, it has some amazing offers on at the minute

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Plus many more amazing offers.....perfect for those Christmas buys!

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*PR sample from The Entertainer Toy Shop. All thoughts and photos are 100% our own.


  1. This looks fab! Think I need to get in on this game this year.

    1. It really is a fun game! Even better when you get to splat your other half in the face lol

  2. I absolutely love the idea of Pie Face showdown. We have the original but I have to get this as the boys would love it. Thanks for linking up #PlaydaysRunways

    1. I think this version is a lot more competitive! Perfect for both kids and adults :D