Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Learning through Play with KidloLand

As a child i was always told that too much TV would turn my eyes square *yeah right* and i must admit that's what i tell my two girls nowadays. But in the world of gadgets if its not the TV they're glued to its a computer console or some sort of electronic device.

Now I'm  not a total scrooge

We actually own all of the above but i sometimes think that the time spent playing these games could be used to learn while they play, and with that let me introduce you to

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A learning app designed for children 5 years and under. 
Now my child is almost 2 so i thought she wouldn't be interested in this app one bit...


The app has 16 sections 

Nursery Rhymes,
ABC songs,
Create & Play Occupations,
Wheels On The Bus,
Weather & Seasons,
Old MacDonald Songs,
Animal Kingdom,
Fruits & Vegetables,
Row Your Boat,
Numbers 1-100,
Colours & Shapes,
Months & Days,
Christmas Songs

Then each section has its own set of games.
As you can see from the list this app is massive!

After showing my little one how the app worked she seemed to grasp the concept rather quickly. She figured out how to choose her game or activity, how to start and exit the game, It amazes me how quickly they pick these things up!

Now my little one is more of a 'doing' child than a sit and listening to a song child so her favourite sections have definitely been the Games and Activities parts to the app. 

She now knows how to sort colours, recognise and put shapes into shadows and put jigsaws together. 
We are working on the dots to dots and the trace the shapes (she finds the trace game more difficult as its rather sensitive on how far off the line you can go)
 She loves the balloon popping game! The first time she played the monster balloon pop she said "ouch" every time the monster 'ate' her finger lol

Now when it comes to the Phonics section some of the sounds are said differently, I'm assuming this is with it being a U.S app. Its only a handful of letters and we have just skipped those when playing that section.

Even my eldest daughter likes the odd go or 10! She likes to help out when the little one gets stuck or even if she fancies a quick go herself (when she thinks no one is looking)

I have to say i think this app is a brilliant idea! Learning through play has always been a big thing in our house and i love the fact that my little one is now asking to play this app instead of just wanting to sit a watch her favourite cartoons.

 Its bright, colourful and extremely easy to use with a handy set up that lets you download everything all at once or just the sections you want, it also works while out and about, perfect for those long flights or car journeys 
 AND its also won some amazing awards!!


brain-child     award-smart  eas  award-smart

But don't just take my word for it, download the app and try it for yourself....i know your kids will love it just as much as mine do!!

The KidloLand app is available on the following platforms....


Google Play Store

Amazon Appstore

To find out more about KidloLand please visit their social pages result for website logo

Playdays and Runways
*App sent for review. All thoughts,photos and videos are our own.


  1. Learning through play is so powerful, I think we have seen such great leaps in technology and a lot of us are having to play catch up and change our views a bit about how to learn too. Good to find out about this as new to me.

  2. A good app, it's hard to work out the balance of how much technology is good for a small child.

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