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Festive drinking with

Hey guys and gals, this is Steve from A Blogs Life.

Not sure about everyone else but especially around the festive period i enjoy the odd drink.

So we were delighted when we were contacted by the great people of to sample one of their box of brews.

These weird and wonderful named Ales's, IPA's and Brews all came in their festive range.

So before Santa got his hands on them on Christmas Eve i thought it best i give them a try and share my thoughts on these, check out my opinion below on these and after you're finished reading there is a special promo code for you to use at and grab yourself a great discount.

Now before i start i just want to say these are my opinions, based upon my likes and my taste thing i will say though, the range is so good that there is something for everyone.

So we start off with the Littlebro Session IPA

This little bad boy packs a mighty punch and when you first open this can it seriously sounds like a gun went off, it has some real life to it. Its gold in colour and is a real nice tasty IPA and at 4.7%. Originating from Norway (you note the little Norwegian flag on the can) it was a really nice drink. This would probably go nice with a good steak !!

Next one to go down the hatch was; 

Santas Private Reserve Ale, by Rogue Ales 

This brew is very dark as you can tell from the picture. It was quiet a strong taste, so if you like the darker maltier ales, you will like this one, this was not one of my favourites but as i said its each to their own, it was nice to try though and certainly fits the festive brew spirit.

At this point i know what your thinking........jees did Steve drink these all one after the other ?

The answer is or two over a week period so that i could make sure i got a good sense of taste on each. Not only that i would have been wrecked by the time i got to bottle 8 !!

Next to tickle my taste buds was the well named;

Fuck Art - The Heathens are coming

And they mean what they say, this bottle is pretty much art work less, quite unique.

The bottle boast to be afraid, be very afraid, this puppy is twisting !

And they are right, this is a lively drink with the same colouring as a lager , so a lighter Ale/brew. The malt and hops is evident in my opinion and this gives off a strong but pleasant after taste. I couldn't see a Vol strength on the bottle but i don't think you would need many of these to get you in the party mood !

Following on from this one i went for the;

Beer52 , Mikkeller Session IPA

After a night drinking together in Copenhagen the founder of Beer52 & Mikkeller decided to brew a beer and this is the result. 

Now reading the back of the bottle and the above statement i had a feeling i would like this one. I spend quiet alot of time in Copenhagen going there 4-5 times a year and have sampled many of the Christmas beers and brews there.

This one didn't disappoint. 

I got a fruity smell upon pouring this IPA and it gives a strong malty aftertaste but not too strong that it makes you shudder as some can do. Its light in colour and a light drink compared to some of the dark options, so i could see myself having one or two of these. 

Next one to try was the;

Brewdog Santa Paws Christmas Scotch Ale

This was the darkest of the selection, in fact it was as dark as the bottle.
This was a really unique Ale and i found this quiet heavy to drink, anyone who likes the really dark ales will love this, its 4.5% so quite strong too.

Next we have the;

Mordue Brewery, Krampus

Firstly i loved the artwork on this bottle, it looks mean as hell !!

I really enjoyed this one and as you can see was a dark brew and had a malty dry taste to it, however the more i drank of this one the more i got the taste for it. Again i could see myself happily having a few of these. Great drink and at 5.5% a few would probably be all id need.

The penultimate selection was the allusively named;

Flower Power Hippy Dippy All things Pretty American Amber

This was a lighter coloured brew and quite a unique taste, which gave off a strong after taste to me of hops and also not a fruity taste , but flowery if that makes sense. This has a really different taste and i can imagine some loving or hating this.

So i am going to finish off with the one i liked the best; 

Wiper and True , Mimosa 

This is such a unique tasting brew, its tart something i love but has a fruity orange taste within it.
Very light to drink and not gassy at all. They seem to have taken a lot of great ideas and poured them into one drink. Not sure what they have done different with this one, but will defiantly get more of this, superb drink,

If you like the look of our Festive Box of Brew sent from , check on their webpage (link at top of page) and see what other great Beers and Ales etc they have, with many different themes there really is something for everyone's taste.

If you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain with we have teamed up with them and by using promo code: ABLOGSLIFE10 at the checkout, you will get yourself a nice £10.00 off your order.

Hope you enjoy these as much as i did.

Many thanks to 

*Product sent to test our taste buds. All thoughts and photos are our own.

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  1. Christmas is a great time for trying all these different flavoured beers!