Sunday, 22 January 2017

A TV fit for the Movies

I'm sure our family is similar to most and enjoys some great nights in watching movies and our favourite TV shows. However when it comes to what we watch it on this is where we have our preferences. Currently we have a Panasonic TV and it is the best TV we have ever had.

So when the time comes to look for an upgrade we knew straight away that we wanted another Panasonic............but which one i hear you say ?!

Well there really is so much choice with Panasonic to suit your size, budget and quality requirements. One things for sure though, with a Panasonic TV you get amazing pictures and high quality sound.

So while we were out and about this weekend we stopped by to check out some new TVs. 

As soon as we got into the store we were drawn to the Panasonic 4K TV range.

The TV not only has the best picture quality we have ever seen but it comes with a tonne of features to add to your viewing experience, so many its best to see the link below because our blog would be half a mile long if we listed them all.

The design of the TV is fantastic too, with a 58" screen (other sizes available), its ultra slim line, slick and stylish and not too heavy, so perfect if you want to wall mount. We don't have the biggest of living rooms, but this certainly will not over power the room.

Now at this point you may be thinking 

"It can't be that much better "

 "Surely there is not that much difference " 

Well trust me there is (even the wife WOW'd when she saw the difference)  and if you can get yourself down to any electrical retailer such as Currys then you can see it for yourself as we did or even purchase. However if you're an internet shopper the likes of Amazon sell these too.

We can't begin to imagine how good our Blu Rays are going to look on this and how impressed our friends will be when they come round to watch sporting events at our house.

Still not convinced .....check out the official promo video below, we are sure it will change your mind!!

We are really excited for ours to arrive and can't wait to enhance our family movie nights with our new Panasonic 4K TV

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