Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Foodie Paradise at Chelsea Market NYC

Hello Food Fanatics !

This is Steve from A Blogs Life and this post is on my recent trip to Chelsea Market in New York City, a food lovers paradise in the heart of New York City.

For this post i have tried to mix it up a little and have also included a few videos of my visit, so if there are too many "Erms" "Ok's" I'm sorry but these are my first ever videos, i hope you enjoy it anyway and I would love to hear your feedback..

So what is Chelsea Market ? 

Its a one stop shop for Fruits & Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, Cheese, Pizza, Wine, Chocolate, Baked goods.......you name it, its here and its under this one roof !  Chelsea Market is a block long and a block wide and is located in the meatpacking district of NYC. There are more than 35 vendors under its roof and it attracts a whopping 6 million national and international visitors a year !

The market inside is beautiful, and the shops and retailers spare no expense with their displays. With so many food places under one roof many retailers display their produce in clear view for all to see, not only when it is ready to eat, but also whilst they are making it, which i loved !


The range of foods on offer is amazing and there are things available that we certainly don't see at home....and as i was walking around the market i was wondering 'how am i going to choose where to eat? There is too much choice, too many nice smells , too many glass display cabinets with all the gorgeous food in !'


I visited the market quite early in the day and had walked down from the financial district of Manhattan where i was staying. Even at this time the market had a roaring trade and there were plenty of customers and visitors. I'm glad i went at this time as i can imagine it getting rather busy later on in the day.

So which retailer did i decide to visit and what did i decide to eat ?

I decided to try Berlin Currywurst. These guys make some great dishes, done in a traditional Berlin way and offer different types of sausage and different heat levels and flavours. 

As i was there early the meal i had was Bauernpfanne or Sausage hash. This consisted of a choice of sausage sliced up with roasted potatoes , onions, sauerkraut and a sunny side egg. The hash also had the taste of paprika and the combination of all these flavours made for an excellent meal.

I went for a medium heat level and it was just nice for me, spicy but not too spicy that you do not get to appreciate the other flavours within the dish.

 The staff were pleasant and talked and laughed with customers as they were eating, and the whole place gave of a really good vibe. 


The thing i found most pleasing as well was the price. Certainly when places have a high tourist population coming into them and of course you are in Manhattan then sometimes you can pay quite a lot for a good meal. I was really happy with the price of this and received change from $20!

The choice is overwhelming though and if the above does not really tickle your taste buds then there are many other options available to you.

No trip i make is complete without a few little gifts for my wife, the market also offers a great range of merchandise, with their own branding on memorabilia to remind you of your trip or a gift for family and friends. 

Anybody visiting New York or who has visited before but has maybe never been to Chelsea market, its certainly is well worth the visit.

You can find Chelsea Market on 75 9th Avenue between 15th and 16th streets, New York 10011

I hope you have enjoyed this post and seeing a little piece of what other foods, and a slightly different tourist attraction is available to you in New York.


*All thoughts and photos are our own.


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