Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sampling Multipower

I don't know about you guys, but nothing quite beats some free samples. 

So the other day whilst i was looking through some company adverts i saw an offer from Multipower for a sample of their 100% Pure Whey Protein and a 40% Protein Fit bar.

Now anyone into fitness or bodybuilding etc might have already heard of Multipower and although i have,  i have never actually tried their product range, so this was a great opportunity to try two samples of their products and i wanted to quickly share my thoughts of them with our readers.

The Pure Whey Protein came in Rich Chocolate flavour and although it recommended to mix with 100ml of water i mixed mine with milk (my personal preference) and just mixed this up in a standard shaker. It mixes very well and the flavour was very nice , lived up to its name.

A standard serving will give you around 24g of protein , this was a 1/2 serving sample so offered 11.7g

The 40% Protein Fit Protein Bar was Blueberry and Vanilla flavour and i am always intrigued to see what these bars taste like, its not something i eat alot of and in the past i have tried some and they are like chewing a dog toy, and by the time you have managed to eat it you're hungry again or have cramp in your jaw !

Luckily though for me and my jaw this offering from Multipower was really nice. The flavouring is very prominent and there are small pieces of Bluberry within the centre of the bar, the centre is relatively light and makes for a enjoyable eat, in all honesty i could have eaten a few more of these sample bars, it was quite moreish !

As the title suggests a full size bar gives you 40g of Protein , this sample bar provided 14g. They contain 135 calories, low sugar and are available in three flavours, Peach Yoghurt (sounds amazing !) Blueberry Vanila and Chocolate Almond.

Multipower seem to have some good deals available via their website, so well worth checking out.

I was certainly impressed with what i sampled and will definitely try Multipower products again.

Cheers for reading folks.


*Free samples. All thoughts and photos are our own.


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