Wednesday, 1 March 2017

World Book Day Eve

Probably one of my most favourite days of the year! When the book geek in me is unleashed and i seem to go on a book frenzy, whether its books for the kids or myself it doesn't matter, as long as i get to flick some pages i'm happy!

In past years the excitement has been dressing the eldest up for her school book day but with her now being in secondary school and it being 'uncool' to dress up i'll just have to watch the little ones walk down to school tomorrow morning in all their fancy dress .

But that doesn't mean i don't get to talk books with you!
Now is a perfect time to show you some of the lovely books that have been sent our way - i'm in total book heaven!!!

Today's featured book is Baby and Lion Dog, The Search for the Missing Nose 
Written by Elizabeth Forbes
Illustrated by Tom Boyle

The story is about a little boy and his dog who like to go on adventures and solve mysteries along the way. This book takes them on a hunt to find the missing nose to a very sad circus clown. Do they find it? Like i'm going to tell you....... It will spoil your read.

My little one loved this book, every time is said "lion" she ROARED! as well as yelling "There he is!" 

We pointed out all the different characters in the book, and had fun guessing where the clowns nose would be found, neither of us guessed right.

The illustrations in the book are beautifully done and kept my 2 year old's interest throughout the whole book, which is pretty hard to do as shes always on the go! 
I know this will be a book we will read over and over again :)

You can connect with the author via Twitter -
and the book is available to buy on Amazon -
Also available is Baby and Lion Dog: Mystery in the Park -
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Join us tomorrow for World Book Day, where we have another book to share with you plus some of our past costumes!

*All thoughts and photos are our own.


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