Thursday, 2 March 2017

World Book Day - Homemade Costumes and Book Review.

I won't lie, When it comes to World Book Day we pull out all the stops!
My daughter picks her character and we MAKE her costume. Why? Because she likes to be one of a kind, and while the shop/online outfits are great we enjoy creating the costume together. 
From the shopping for supplies, to the actual stitching. We grab Grandma and gather around our kitchen table to create one of a kind (hopefully) costumes.

Friends in past years have asked why bother? How do you find the time? Bet it costs you a fortune!

My reply....... We enjoy it, to see the look on my daughters face when her costume is finished is simply priceless! 
Don't get me wrong, some of them have taken a few weeks to complete but we enjoy sitting as a family to make it and to be honest it's never worked out that much more than a store bought costume!

Our homemade costumes have ranged from 
Little Red Riding Hood
Dorothy Gale - The Wizard of Oz
The Mad Hatter
Hermione Granger 
Thing 1

As you can see by the big cheesy grin on my daughters face she LOVES her homemade costumes, I've made my child happy and spent quality time making and teaching her that with a bit of effort she can create wonderful costumes and i'm hoping in years to come she'll be calling me to help her make her own children's costumes and memories :)


And what book post is complete without an actual book review?!

Today's featured book is The Girl Who Saved Christmas by William Thomas Thach
Illustrated by Richard Bernal.

This book is the prettiest children's book i have ever seen! 
With its red velvet cover and press stud clasp, to its golden ribbon bookmark and golden embossed writing on the cover its simply stunning!!

The story is based around a little girl named Molly. She must save Christmas for all the naughty children in the world, and every child is on the list apart from Molly!!

Now we had this book in our Christmas Eve box. We read it that night to our daughters aged 2 & 11 and we seem to have read it at least once a week ever since!! Its a sweet story that you end up singing...... you know how is goes.......

'Twas the night before Christmas...and in a small house....'

The illustrations in the book are beautiful, may favourite being of Santa coming down the chimney and Molly waiting for him with cookies and milk.

Our eldest even enjoyed the book (you know how it is when they get to the questioning age, believe in the magic please!!)
I especially liked the added detail of a glossary and the Dear Santa list at the back of the book.

Im sure this book will become our family Christmas eve tradition and will be gracing our eve box every year from now on!!

We were lucky enough to bag ourselves a signed copy from the author! 

Copies of the book are available on

Below is the every so cute book trailer 


*Book sent for review. All thoughts and photos are our own.

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