Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A book full of chuckles with David Baddiel

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my daughter curled up with a book..... and you know its a good one when you hear her chuckle, snort and belly laugh her way through it!

What book caused this reaction i hear you ask?
None other than David Baddiel's AniMalcolm.

A story about Malcolm and his animal obsessed family. Now being animal obsessed is ok, unless your'e Malcolm. You see, Malcolm has a dislike for animals (crazy i know) but each to their own. So you can imagine the horror when he finds out that his year 6 school trip is to......THE FARM!!!

Now you have to feel sorry for poor Malcolm at this point, the poor boy has to spend the next few days surrounded by the thing he dislikes most in his life BUT how will he feel once hes spent a few days AS the animals?! Yep poor Malcolm somehow ends up as the animals... looks... smells... acts like all the different animals hes surrounded by, at the end of the trip will Malcom become his animal disliking self or a new animal loving Malcolm? Only a read of this book will tell you because we definitely wont spoil this must read book for you!

Have a sneak peek on what Animalcolm is all about with this fab book trailer....

This book had our daughter (aged 12) in fits of laughter, at one point she said 'Could you imagine being a Cat or a Monkey?! Might be fun at first until it comes to bath time!' made me think for a second until i saw our own cat having a wash!

She said it was an easy read, easy to get into and easy to pick up again once she had put it down. The little drawings kept us entertained and our youngest (aged 2 ) made all the animal noises along the way. We also enjoyed the numbered after thoughts at the bottom of the pages, we'd also love to know if penguins can understand pigeon?!?

She would definitely recommend it to all her friends (both boys and girls as its certainly one for them all) and shes also asked if we can get David's other books for her, that's a BIG thumbs up from us!!

You can find AniMalcolm on Amazon and other book related websites /stores.
We hope you enjoy it as much as our daughter did,

*Sponsored post. All thoughts and photos are our own.

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