Friday, 16 June 2017

Hand Crafted Fathers Day

Anyone who knows me knows i love crafting, any excuse to break the craft box and I'm there!

So you can imagine my delight when i had to plan a crafting activity to do with 30+ children, all under the age of 3 for playgroup...... my mind runs wild!

Obviously we need a card for dear 'old' Dad, but we cant just have any old card! Nope we made snazzy masking tape cards, brightly coloured in a range of toddler style.

How do we make said cards? 

You will need.......

~ Blank card ~
~ Masking tape ~
~ Your chosen design, we had 3 designs - Super Dad - #1 Dad - Happy Fathers Day ~

Start by taping up your message.

Make sure your tape is firmly pressed onto the paper.

Have your child go wild with the paints.

Leave to dry BUT NOT TOTALLY DRY, remove the masking tape before it is completely dry as not to crack and pull off the paint.

And its as easy as that!! 
Hand made toddler cards that the kids have loved making and haven't cost you a packet from the shops!

Now for our hand print keyrings........some of the parents thought id lost the plot when i told them that we had to cook them!

I promise you wont be buying a new oven by the end of this!

You will need ........

~ Shrink plastic ~
~ Acrylic paint ~
~ Hole punch ~
~ Marker pen ~
~ Mod Podge ~
~ Paint brush ~

***All supplies were purchased from The Range***

Paint your child's hand in your chosen colour of paint, make sure you give it a good covering but doing make it dripping.

Firmly press your child's painted hand onto the shrink plastic, make sure you hold the plastic down when removing your child's hand.

Leave to dry.

Once dry, write your child's name and age (if you wish) cut out and punch a hole into the plastic *this MUST be done BEFORE cooking as you wont be able to do it after*

Place your hand print onto a baking try, lined with baking paper to prevent it from sticking, into a pre heated oven (160°) for 1 - 3 minutes. You can watch the plastic shrink before your eyes...... don't panic if you see your plastic curling up, it will flatten out in the end.

Leave to cool and finish with a coat of Mod Podge to give your hand print a nice shine, this will also stop the paint from coming off over time.

And there you have it! 
Your very own child's hand print keyring to treasure forever!!

As you can tell from the pictures some of the parents have sent me the activity was a hit with both parents and children!!

Have a wonderful Fathers Day!!!

*All thoughts and photos are our own.