Sunday, 3 September 2017

Seafret - "Tell me its real"

Every now and again i come across a band where i think to myself "how the hell have i not heard you guys before, how many times have i missed the opportunity to see you live?!"

This is the case with Seafret.

Seafret are the duo of the amazing Jack Sedman (vocals) and the extremely talented Harry Draper (Guitar/Piano) 

In addition to their amazing musical talents, they are also both from Bridlington and Yorkshire lads !

I first heard Seafret at a good friends house and hearing one of their songs in the background, i was instantly draw to their sound, this has now spilled through our own house hold and my eldest daughter can practically re sight the album word for word and is a huge fan.

Seafret's music has a soothing relaxing feel to it, with some quality acoustic melodies and fantastic vocals. Now don't get me wrong you are not going to be moshing around your living room when you listen to these guys, that's just not their sound, but if you appreciate good music and have an appreciation for different styles, sounds and great lyrics, you really do need to check these guys out.

Seafret have been building a steady fan base up in Europe and the UK and i was lucky enough to see them play in Leeds a few months ago. They were amazing live and delivered a great performance.

Their album Tell me its real (Duluxe edition) gives us 16 tracks of emotional, lyrical and musical class and once you're hooked on them, then prepare to have the album on repeat as you become immersed in their music.

As with all albums i have a few favorite tracks:

"Oceans" - captures the spirit of the album for me and delivers some amazing vocals from Jack. The video is also quality and Game of Throne fans will recognize Maisie Williams from the video.

 "Skimming Stones" - Is a favorite of my daughters and the catchy chorus and great guitar in this track makes it one of those songs you find yourself humming or singing to yourself, even when you don't have the album on.

For me personally though, my favorite on the album is "Atlantis", its such a good track, in fact, if i had to build a list of 20 songs i was only ever allowed to listen to again, this would be in there for sure......for me its that good! The guitar in it is amazing, the lyrics emotional and the vocals of the highest standard. I have to say when i saw Seafret live i got chills when they finished their set of with this, they delivered it with so much emotion and sound wise was flawless.

If you love your music and you love different sounds and like listening to raw talent (rather than some of this manufactured turd we all have to put up with now a days), please check Seafret out and this album, you won't be disappointed. 

Their album "Tell me its real" is available on Itunes or amazon, so have a listen. For me personally its guys like this and the music that they make through their raw talent that make me love music so much.

I am really looking forward to seeing what Seafret bring to us with their new releases, and i will 100% be going to see them again with my daughter too !
(She would kill me if i didnt take her!) 

I'm going to finish off this blog post with the amazing video and track Atlantis.........Enjoy !

*All thoughts and photos are our own.

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