Monday, 18 June 2018

World Cup in wonderful colour.

It comes only once every four years, and takes over most house holds. That's right folks its World Cup time ! So its also time for us to upgrade the TV to a High Dynamic range Television by Panasonic.

With all the vibrant colours of the team kits and the crowds it made perfect sense for us to upgrade to a High Dynamic range and enjoy the World Cup in the best possible way we can. 

This range of Television by Panasonic offers a much wider brightness range than you usually see, this means we can experience image content like reflections from bright sunlight, skies and rays of light with natural intensity which wasn't previously possible to capture.

So not only will it satisfy my football desires over the next few weeks, but when we sit down for our regular family movie nights we are in for a treat.

We watch a lot of wildlife programs in our house, the unforgettable narration of Sir David Attenborough can be often heard coming from the living room. With the new TV these shows are going to be truly amazing.

The TV not only has the best picture quality we have ever seen but it comes with a tonne of features to add to your viewing experience, so many its best to see the link below because our blog would be half a mile long if we listed them all.

Now at this point you may be thinking 

"It can't be that much better "

 "Surely there is not that much difference " 

Well trust me there is (even the wife WOW'd when she saw the difference)  and if you can get yourself down to any electrical retailer you can see it for yourself as we did or even purchase. However if you're an internet shopper the likes of Amazon sell these too.

Still not convinced .....check out the official promo video below, we are sure it will change your mind!!

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